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100A DC Analog Meter in 2 gang box with shunt
100 Amp DC, High Quality (Class 1.5) Analog Meter
Mounted in a 2 gang switch box. With Shunt


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Coleman Air

100 Amp (D/C) Analog Meter

Finally a high quality analog amp meter, with enclosure.

Analog meters consume virtually no power from the source they are measuring so they are often found to be perfect where energy consumption is a factor. This meter features a class 1.5 accuracy with a large, very readable gauge.

Advantage over other panel meters by competitors

  • High quality class 1.5 accuracy.
  • Super convenient operation (DOES NOT need an additional power supply.
  • Shunt is included. 
  • Great looking, black matte solid metal face plate, mounts on a standard dual switch outlet box (included.) This allows you to flush mount it if desired into a standard electrical switch box.
  • Works with any voltage from 1 volt to 250 volts.

No Manual is included with this unit. Please use the wiring diagram above. Simply hookup the two terminals from the meter to each side of the shunt (one wire per side). Then place your shunt in series with the load or energy source you wish to monitor. For instance, if you will be measuring the current from a solar panel, then terminate the positive wire from the solar panel to one side of the shunt. From the other side of the shunt simply continue on to your charge controller (or disconnect etc.). If your meter read backwards, then simply switch the wires on the shunt going to the meter.

Unit Measures: 4.20" x 4.20" x 2.50" (deep)


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